The Central Public Library of Veria has recently become the recipient of a very special donation of collectible dolls wearing local traditional costumes from all over the world.

The collection includes 230 dolls from different countries like Japan, England, South Africa, Russia, Lapland ,Indonesia ,Jamaica, while there are dolls of famous people like Shakespeare, Napoleon Bonaparte etc.

The collection was offered to the Central Public Library of Veria   according to the wish of Mrs Eleni Hatzinikolaki , a collector from Veria and it is the result a long lasting effort .The dolls were acquired during the collector’s journeys and the exchanges with other collectors and they were offered to the Public Library in order to give the opportunity to the citizens of Veria to enjoy it.

The dolls will be incorporated to the library’s collection, will be digitized, and they will be exposed in parts at the library’ s rooms ,while they will be permanently posted  on the library’s website and they will costitute an important tool for the educational programs for children that the library organizes.

The boarding council and the administration of the library would warmly like to thank Mrs Christina Georgiadou-Tzigie who assumed the procedure of the donation of the deceased. It highlights the importance of such initiatives for the preservation of history and the dissemination of knowledge to the generations to come.

Mrs Eleni Hatzinikolaki (1928-2015) was born in Veria .While she was young she worked in the family business Textile factory-Spinning mill of Hatzinikolaki Brothers. She was a volunteer for the Red Cross and she offered her services during the war. She studied the English language and for several years she lived in London. She traveled a lot and she loved coming in touch with cultures and civilizations of the world. Without a doubt the symbolism which lies here with all the dolls of different origin proves the mature , free and pioneering  way of thinking of the donator who envisioned all the people united and living in peace.

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