Digitized Collection of Vinyl Records at the Central Public Library of Veria – Mercurios Psipsikas Collection –

The Central Public Library of Veria owns an exceptional rare collection of vinyl records consisting of more than 9,500 albums. The collection was donated by Mercurios Psipsikas, a collector from Veria.

The diversity of the collection is remarkable including different kinds of music from all over the world; music from the 30s to the 90s, classical music and a wide variety of Greek music. The albums are 78, 45 and 33 rpm and some of them are really rare.


The Library has started digitizing this collection and the process will be completed gradually and includes:

  1. cataloguing the albums (registration, song description, singers, duration, cover) in order to be listed and accessible in the e-catalogue of the Library at https://tinyurl.com/p4mza7b
  2. converting the albums in MP3 form.

At the same time there is a Media Server (Plex Server) at the Library where all these MP3 files can be found.

The access to this server is IP-sensitive and it is free for the users who are in the Library via the following devices:

  • the Tablets that are lent by the Library
  • the Smart TV in the Brain Pulse Room
  • the portable devices of the users who have downloaded the relevant Android App

In order to gain access to this collection just connect to the Library Free Wi-Fi, download the App and enjoy.

Visit the Library’s webpage in order to listen to Mercurios Psipsikas talk about his passion for music and his meticulous effort to gather this huge collection https://goo.gl/WW2BwQ

Information about the attached photographs:

  1. Album Cover of Doris Day’s ‘Tea for Two’ (New York : CBS Records, 1951)
  2. Album Cover of Mary Lo’s ‘Min ton rotas ton ourano’ (“Don’t ask the sky”) (Athens: Polygram, 1959)
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