The Central Public Library of Veria would like to warmly thank the Painter and Ethnographer from Veria Mrs. Chrysa Kostopoulou for an exceptional donation. Mrs. Kostopoulou has donated all the original material she had gathered between 1978-1985 concerning customs and morals as well as traditional clothes of the region of Imathia. This material includes 75 testimonies of women and men (aged 65 – 95) from our prefecture.
The donation consists of 39 original tapes, 39 CDs, one book and 351 old photographs from Imathia.
All the interviews and pictures will be uploaded to the digital repository of MEDUSA ( with free access so that ‘everybody can use it for future research’ according to Mrs. Kostopoulou’s wish.
MEDUSA gathers the intellectual, historic and cultural heritage of the city of Veria and the broader region of Imathia. It includes 4,882 items, 62 videos, 2,844 books, 1,495 pictures, heirlooms, works of art etc.

Mrs. Chrysa Kostopoulou was born in Veria and graduated from the eight-class high-school of Veria. She holds a diploma of the ECOLE A.B.C. DE DESIGN, where she was taught by the renowned painter Fanis Galanos (1958— 1961).
She has a career of 43 years in painting with 14 individual and 15 group exhibitions, 3 of them international.
Some of her works have been published in the album ‘PEOPLE’S HOUSES AND MANOR HOUSES OF IMATHIA’. Her work is also mentioned in the book ‘GREEK PAINTERS’ by Stelios Lidakis (1976), in ‘IMAGES OF IMATHIA’ by Giogos Melikis (1977), in the ‘ALBUM OF GREEK ARTISTS’ by A.K. Kourtikakis (1979) and in ‘COSMOS’ Encyclopedia. Her paintings have always been acknowledged by art critics in the press and television.
In 2003 the Municipal Council of Veria, in a unanimous decision, gave Mrs. Kostopoulou the Golden Medal of the City of Veria for her ‘contribution to preserving the ethnographic, historic and cultural heritage of Veria’.

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