Inspiring social distancing floor stickers at Veria Central Public Library

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The next time you are in the city centre, spend some time and visit the Veria Central Public Library.

The Library operates normally for the return and lending of books & magazines, registration of new members, bibliography search, printing, use of the scanner, reading rooms and computers by readers.
In addition, the Library continues to offer its members the ability to find articles on topics that interest them and the ability to order scientific articles that are not in the possession of the Library, but are offered by other Libraries.

From March to June 2020, the Library collection was enriched with 1,424 new book titles which you can discover in its online catalogue at the following link

The Library is fully equipped with antiseptics and other sanitary material in order to disinfect the premises regularly and

protect its staff and readers.

We keep our distance in a creative way… Do not forget to take a look at the floor stickers we have chosen for you with beautiful excerpts from our favourite books.

Summer has just begun. We take protective measures and we are expecting you all at the Library.

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