Press Release: The scheduled informative meetings for the treasure chest of e-stories took place in Veria and Serres

On 5 and 10 July informative meetings for the treasure chest of e-stories took place in Veria and Serres. The invitation was addressed to cultural societies of the prefectures where the two libraries are located, i.e. Imathia and Serres. At the meeting that took place in Veria the program coordinator, Maria Vrachliotou, talked about the idea behind the treasure chest and the whole philosophy of the program – underlining ways to use the material that has been gathered so far. George Bikas, computer engineer of the Library of Veria, went on to analyze practical issues concerning the recordings, technical characteristics and the uploading of the stories. In a relevant meeting on 10 June at the Public Library of Serres the program was introduced to the public by the coordinator, M. Vrachliotou, and Ioannis Poulios – responsible for communication and training – analyzed practical issues. At the end of both meetings there were projections of some stories, followed by a discussion that brought about interesting issues and showed the eagerness of cultural societies to participate. Part of the gathered material will be sent to the European Digital Library Europeana that has started finding and gathering oral narrations and stories from World War I. The Public Library of Veria which will be the national aggregator will play the key role in the gathering of this precious collection.

The contribution of cultural societies is of huge importance as they are the main representatives of the places where they take action. They are the ones who have the power, the knowledge and the people to support, expand and continue this initiative.

The above meetings were a first opening of the treasure chest to the local societies. There will be more, bigger meetings/openings in order to inform and involve more citizens.

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Program Coordinator – Dimitris Protopsaltou:

Non-profit civil company “FUTURE LIBRARY: Promoting Innovation, Creativity and Social Networks” was founded in February 2011 with the support of “Stavros Niarchos” Foundation and aims to bring the Public and Municipal Libraries of Greece in the heart of local communities as a source of cultural interest.

Stavros Niarchos Foundation ( is one of the biggest charity organizations in the world and makes donations in the domains of art, culture, education, health and social services.  SNF supports with donations organizations that show effective administration and management and are expected to have important social influence. Furthermore, SNF supports effectively programs that contribute to the joining of bodies of the public and private sector that aim to improve the common well-being.

Since 1996 SNF has approved the distribution of €1.3 billions ($1,36 billions),through 2.473 donations to non-profit organizations in 109 countries worldwide. More than 80% of these donations were distributed to organizations and initiatives in Greece.

As a response to the continuing socio-economic crisis in Greece SNF announced in January 2012 the distribution of €100 millions ($130 millions) in three years in order to alleviate the unfavourable aftermath of the crisis. Since then, as part of the above initiative, SNF has distributed €58 millions ($75 millions)for the support of non-profit organizations throughout Greece and is about to approve the distribution of more donations.

The biggest individual donation of SNF (€566 millions/$796 millions) is the Cultural Centre Stavros Niarchos Foundation in Athens. Construction works have already started.  SNF believes that this Cultural Centre is of major national importance especially in the current socio-economic situation. It is a testimony and commitment for the future of Greece in a critical historical moment. It also constitutes a lever of short and long-term economic growth, which is really important in the current circumstances.

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