Regarding the function of the Public Library Department of Veria

The Department of the Public Central Library of Veria has been housed from 1991 in the school complex of 7th -11th Primary School. It is a fully organized and automated library which until 2015 functioned on a full-time basis, with a posted teacher of the Primary Education, in accordance with the initial decision on its foundation.

In the school year 2015-16 the postings of primary school teachers were not approved by the Ministry of Education, in spite of the efforts of the Public Library. As a result the Library functioned for a few hours, 2 times a week.

The Public Central library of  Veria, is at the disposal of  the Primary Education Administration and the school Administration for a solution to be found to the best and most efficient exploitation of the place.

*The relevant correspondence is always available to any interested person.

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