THE PEOPLE OF VERIA SUPPORT THEIR PUBLIC LIBRARY: According to the annual activity report of 2013

A few days ago the annual activity report of the Public Library of Veria was released. It is a detailed booklet with a lot of pictures and figures describing everything that took place in our Library in 2013.

Three years after the reception of the “Access to Knowledge Award 2010” by the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” we are happy to notice that our Library continues its dynamic, ascending way that was the vision of our previous director Mr. Ioannis Trochopoulos who is now Executive Director of the Cultural Center of Stavros Niarchos Foundation. We have developed new services, new cooperations, international presence in the domain of libraries, always aiming to the best service of our users.

Some points that need to be stressed:

  • The Library lent 180.449 items in 2013 (books, magazines, dvds, music cds, etc.) proving that beyond numbers and statistics… people in Veria read a lot.
  • The Library has a collection of 100,000 items in print and audiovisual form (books, magazines, dvds, music cds, kindles, postcards, rare photographs, rare documents and manuscripts, board games etc.) and the number is growing day by day with new sources of information (pressdisplay, ElibraryUSA etc.)
  • The Library’s members reached a total of 28.837, meaning that the 61% of the population of Veria are users of the Library!
  • The Library has launched new social services to support its users (we help them fill in all kinds of e-applications, e.g. for the heating allowance, the printing of the road tax etc.)

Stavros Niarchos Foundation is for the 3rd consecutive year the major donor of our Library. It has sponsored our educational programs, the updating of our technical equipment, the enrichment of our book collection, our subscriptions to electronic databases and the development of new services.

In the booklet it is underlined that we need to find new financial resources for our Library since the state funds are constantly reducing. We are addressing a call to our fellow-citizens to help us in this effort.

Take a look at the annual report of the Library. We are waiting for all of you at the Central Public Library of Veria, 8 Ellis St., at the city center, to listen to your suggestions and work together in order to experiment and design together the library of the future that can make our life better.

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