The treasure chest of e-stories opens in Serres, Veria, Alexandria and Polykastro!

Press Release: “The treasure chest of e-stories opens

in Serres, Veria, Alexandria and Polykastro!”

Everybody has got a story to tell, we just need to try to find them”.

With the above phrase in mind four libraries in Greece found the way to capture these stories and  put them in a treasure chest that can be opened by anyone wherever he/she is. It is about stories of our land: personal stories, historical events, legends, fairy tales, social events, customs and folklore, i.e. whatever you feel that has to be preserved. For the first time four libraries in Greece form a small network in order to record a yet unwritten history of cultural heritage.

People come and go. Some leave behind a book of life, experience and imagination but some others don’t. These libraries give us the chance to preserve in time stories of our own and of our beloved ones.

FromMonday 13 May, thoseinterestedintakingpartinthisinitiativecancontact:

The procedure is simple. Make an appointment, come to the library and the staff will lead you through the stages of the recordings. Everybody can take part; children (accompanied by a parent), adults, individuals or groups and cultural societies, schools… no-one is excluded!

Are you confident enough to do the recording on your own? You can find information about that in the four libraries (soon also at the site of the treasure chest: ). We hope this initiative expands all around Greece. If you have a story to tell, come to the library; the treasure chest is unlocked!

Project Co-ordinatorMaria Vrachliotou (Central Public Library of Serres – tel. 23210.98557 –

This project is part of the Future Library framework of actions and is financed exclusively by Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

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