With the opening of the 2nd floor on the 21st of May of 2016 the Public Central Library of Veria completed the utilization of 1.000.000$ which received with the award “Access to Learning’’ in August 2010 in Gothenburg, in the International Librarian Conference. Last step to the five year-span schedule of the money utilization was the renovation of the 2nd floor. The design and the study of the renovation work were made by the architecture office Sparch SAKELLARIDOU / PAPANIKOLAOU ARCHITECTS ( The architecture work of the office has received international recognition with significant architecture awards, multiple participations in international exhibitions, has been extensively published and presented in lectures. In this study the office cooperated with:

  1. Nikolaidis, I.Lavasas Engineers, Samaras and Partners Consultant Engineers, Th. Timagenis, Acoustical Engineering Consultant, E. Deko Theatrical Lighting Consultant, Bon Studio-Th. Svoronos, Image and Sound Consultant, Beetroot Design Group, Graphic Arts Consultants

Construction: Core Construction

Technical Consultant of VCPL: Tasos Papadopoulos

The proposal of the architectural intervention was the reformation-renovation of the three space and function units, i.e, the Foyer, the Multiple Function Space and the Office Spaces, as well as the rest subordinate spaces of the individual units of the second floor of the Central Public Library of Veria.

The architectural intervention aimed at creating a new space with ambience, where the multiplicity of the usage it will host, will converse harmonically with the aesthetics of simplicity and versatility.

As a consequence, the choice of the architectural elements together with the particular stable and mobile equipment targeted at featuring the space as a center of interaction, as a work space and active center of learning and creativity.

In the central reception space, the Foyer, a living room space was designed for the hosting of meetings, presentations, seminars or even special events in combination with the ones the Multiple Function Space is hosting. Indicatively, the possibility of hosting a small musical group, the conduct of cooking seminars, or the support for hosting receptions is noted.

The state-of-the-art multiple function space, with a capacity of 80 seats, comprises the basic space of multiple events. The space was upgraded both aesthetically and acoustically, while at the same time was equipped with contemporary installations of special lightning, sound and image, so as to meet with flexibility and high standards the requirements of alternative actions concerning motion, image and speech.

Simultaneously, the possibility of unification of the Multiple Function Space with the Foyer was provided, to enhance the possibility of multiple interactive programs.

Each new structure and choice of materials, was studied to create the appropriate acoustic environment, so that the users can communicate with each other or work without disturbing or being disturbed by others. The special lightning, the general theatrical and the dynamical lightning was studied in order meet the needs of events of performing arts, like small concerts or music groups, small theatrical and dance performances.

Finally, the space was updated and equipped with a stable projector screen. The renovation of the 2nd floor started in September 2015 and was completed in September 2016 with the purchase of the equipment that was obtained with the sponsors’ contribution through the campaign ‘Together we turn on the lights’.

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