Bookmark Exhibition – “Images and Inspiration from my favorite book”

The TeeToTum Art Team and the Veria Public Library are organizing a bookmark exhibition.
Theme – ”Images and Inspiration from my favorite book”

The technique is free and the size can be max. 21cm (height) x 7cm (width). Please, add your signature on your artistic bookmark.
Add also your name, address and e-mail address.
Bookmarks must be sent in the envelope by snail mail with stamps.
Every participant can send max 3 bookmarks to this exhibition.
Νο fee, no jury, no return.

DEADLINE Μay/1/2017.

The bookmarks will be exhibited in the Veria Public Library in Greece
and the show will take place from May 5th to June 20th,2017.
All bookmarks will be documented by the TeeToTum team and will be presented on their site as well as the library’s:
1. All selected works will become property of TeeToTuM team and the Veria Public Library.
2. The organizer reserves the right to photograph, reproduce, broadcast entries or publish entries on the web for recording, researching, or publicizing the exhibition.
3. The organizers will do their best to handle every work safely, but we will not take responsibility for loss or damage due to unavoidable accidents like a natural disaster.
4. In case of reproduction the name of the artist, the artgroup TeeToTum and title of the exhibition (My favorite book) will be printed on the bookmark.

Please send your artistic bookmark to:

Georgia Grigoriadou
“My favorite book”
Doiranis 19
Thessaloniki 54638

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