Free home delivery of books by the Veria Central Public Library and the ACS

Due to the extraordinary measures for the treatment of coronavirus and given the need of the people for reading, we are pleased to inform you that for the month of May the courier company ACS Postal Services SA. will undertake the free home delivery of books exclusively for the members of the Veria Central Public Library, who are inhabitants of Veria.

The Veria Central Public Library is under the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs and it is the recipient of the 2010 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation “Access to Learning” award. It has 35,112 registered members,it is highly visited (in 2019 it lent 144,406 items) and owns a rich collection of 160,000 items.

The whole process will be carried out following the hygiene rules. Each member can borrow up to 3 books. The return date is the date of the reopening of the library and it will be announced by the Ministry of Education.

The Library warmly thanks the courier company ACS Courier for its great social contribution, actively contributing to the needs of the reading public.

For book lending, support and any other information, contact the Veria Central Public Library by phone at 2331024494 or electronically through our website and

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