The Mobile Libraries


The Mobile Library Program

We serve through our Mobile Libraries remote communities across the county in order to raise awareness about the Internet and IT. Our Mobile Libraries form the instruments of information, entertainment and education for the school environment and also for the population of remote areas. Our partnership with the Prefecture of Imathia and the Local Authorities Committee fosters to build permanent links with all remote communities.

It was 1994 when the first Mobile Library in Greece that provided electronic services to remote districts was created and run across our prefecture. This Mobile was created within the framework of the international program Mobile-extending Information through Mobile Library Services, that was funded by the E.U. Veria Library was one of the main partners of this project.

The initiative was a pioneer for it’s time and the peoples’ respond gave us hope for the future. Today, after fourteen years, we are particularly pleased to be able to see our Mobile Libraries providing, among other things, the full range of our electronic services.

In 2010 the Library operates its mobile services in cooperation and with the support of four Local Authorities.   The library managed after long discussions and negotiations to come to an agreement with four local authorities in the region to provide services to provide library and information services to several villages in Imathia. The agreement comes in line with the establishment of two municipal libraries which will be included in the network of our library services.

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