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Untold stories

Untold Stories sets out to enable and demonstrate how individuals and groups from migrant communities in specific regions of 4 different countries of Europe (Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany and Greece) can create, store, promote and share Digital Stories which reflect their life and experiences in their adopted country. To achieve this Untold Stories has made available to members of these communities an easy-to-use approach to Digital Storytelling, using popular technologies, including Web 2.0.

The project makes use of the potential of cultural institutions, principally public libraries and museums, to provide new, informal and accessible learning opportunities. Library and museum staff in the four regions have been trained to train and support groups of individuals from migrant communities in the art, skills and technologies involved in the creation of Digital Stories.

The deployment of Digital Storytelling holds a particular potential and new opportunities for migrant communities, providing a channel for the recording and sharing of personal experiences in a digital format which can be widely shared, encouraging mutual understanding and tolerance among the ethnic, linguistic and cultural groups represented in all societies. A major practical output of this work is to establish and implement a process for the creation of ‘libraries’ of Digital Stories which can be discovered, accessed and shared on the web and which will eventually be made open to contribution by other groups and individuals across Europe.

Digital Story Telling in Veria Library

Download the Untold Stories Cookbook ( a manual for developing digital stories ) – pdf 2mb.

Click to view the playlist of 31 stories created by migrants and locals living in Veria. The narratives are in Greek, Albanian, Russian and English.

Do you want to learn how to create your digital story? Do you want to create and share your digital story? Email: info@libver.gr

Read the final report 480kb

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