Launching of the renewed Robotics Club

For yet another year Robotics Club was the last workshop of the year and the first of the new year.This way at the end of December a group of 16 kids started their journey on the world of robotics with the new Mindstorm EV3 robots.

Our first construction was Robot Educator that took us about an hour.

Exercises followed that showed us how to program the robots.

And then what? Opinions vary. We have 11 robots to choose from.
Decision in made and the rather difficult (but popular) Stair Climber is constructed.

Aggelos and Olina were the first to make their robot climb the stairs.
The rest had missed a detail but soon all the mistakes were corrected and we moved to the next level.

On the last day we shared between us 2 new constructions.
Half of us chose Znap
while the rest of us made Znap’s remote controller.

Our questions to the instructor were more than 10 per minute!

Finally, we made it and as a Bonus we constructed a Tank Bot that we managed to control using our  Android Tablets.

It’s a new year. The date is already 7/1/2013 and the workshop is over but we are not…

We continue online at 

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