Tech Talent School: Seminars free of charge about digital skills in Veria!

The Tech Talent School is now in Veria and since 16th April it offers the possibility to the people of the city to acquire specific knowledge. It’s a free workshop which aims at developing digital competences through bringing young people closer to the digital future of a work environment.

The program is implemented with the support of “Microsoft Greece” to create equal opportunities for all but also with the support of the AEIF of the US Department of State, which supports and funds ideas for educational programs around the world.

All lessons are free of charge, delivered by teachers with experience in the labor market and addressed to students, young and unemployed who want to acquire digital skills and become familiar with cognitive subjects such as Programming, Website Design and Internet Security.

The lessons take place at the Veria Tech Lab of the Veria Central Public Library, which has a significant history of access to knowledge and the spread of new technologies and has been awarded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Whoever is interested can find more information about the program and the seminars and register at

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