The history of manned spaceflights

“The history of manned spaceflights” is the subject of the speech by the American astronaut of NASA Mrs Marsha Ivins and it will be live broadcasted live by the Veria Central Public Library, on Monday the 23d April, at 18.30’, at the Veria Tech Lab of the Library.

The speech will be given at the Eugenides Foundation within the frame of the overall activities named “the exploration of space” on Monday the 23d April 2018 thanks to the organization of “Athens, World Book Capital”.

Mrs Marsha Ivins is an American astronaut, engineer and pilot, which comes to Athens as an invited guest of the U.S. Embassy in Athens and of the Eugenides Foundation. She will share her experience about manned spaceflights and she will talk about the idea of her first space mission as well as the collaboration nowadays at the International Space Station. She will explain what it feels like to get far away from our Planet and travel in space and how is life in an environment with no gravity. Last but not least, she will provide us all the necessary information about how to become an astronaut and she will inspire the youth in order to chase their dreams and conquer the space!

The speech is suggested for kids above 10 years old and adults.

It will be broadcasted in English with simultaneous translation into Greek .

The re-broadcasting will be through live-streaming at the following link:

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