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College Admission


Short Description for College Admission “Anxiety about getting into college has never been greater, and as an admission dean at Stanford, Swarthmore, and Sarah Lawrence, Robin Mamlet has had a front-row seat to all the angst and antics. Now she reveals the truth about admission, and the simple, honest approaches that really do work. Journalist and coauthor Christine VanDeVelde is a parent who has experienced the process first hand and knows the questions, anxieties, and concerns of students and parents. College admissions directly addresses all the questions that plague parents and students along the way to an acceptance letter and will be their definitive resource during the sophmore, junior, and…

College admission : from application to acceptance, step by step / Robin Mamlet, Christine VanDeVeldeNew York : Random House Inc., 2011  405σ. ; 24εκ.


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