Wo+men in R.E.D

The TeeToTum art team and the American Corner of the Central Public Library of Veria

Organize the International Mail Art exhibition titled:

Wo+men in R.E.D (Reinvent Environmental Dimension)

at the mezzanine floor of the library (8 Ellis st.)


In September 2012 the TeeToTum art team organized the 1st artwork exhibition of of 22 women from different parts of the world , who approached the idea of crisis from different angles. ”While trying to explore the meaning of crisis and the factors that cause it ,we concluded that a crisis is not just financial or political ,but social and personal as well ’’,mentions Fotini Chamidieli. A crisis has many faces. It is the culmination of a negative process and life returns to its normal rhythm only by overcoming it. How painful is a situation like this? How does it affect our everyday life? Where can it lead us? The female artists whose work is being exhibited, constitute examples of strength as each one of them has overcome crucial and sometimes quite painful situations, not allowing crisis to defeat them. On the contrary, they used it creatively in order to expand their boundaries ,relying on their inner strength .Their work was presented in two exhibitions ,the first one at Myro Gallery in Thessaloniki and the second at 512 Gallery in Ptolemaida. During the exhibitions several painting workshops were organized.

In an effort to expand the number of both men and women participants the TeeToTum art team organized a Mail Art exhibition ,with participation open to anyone interested. The artworks that were collected ,exclusively by mail, were presented in June 2014 at the Vafopouleio Centre in Thessaloniki.

The word “crisis” is still debated frequently in our everyday life and this dramatic situation has unfortunately expanded , affecting the lives of even more people. Initially the idea of “crisis” was explored from the female point of view. Viewing the male perspective equally interesting , we reconsider our theme by inviting both male and female artists to express their opinion and we might discover ways to demise the negative impact of the “crisis”. Besides, art is the most suitable means that can help improve our life. We would like to invite you to have a look and enjoy the artworks of more than 70 artists from different parts of the world, including the USA, Italy, Germany, Holland etc.; these artworks enclose a variety of approaches and techniques

Exhibition curators: Georgia Grigoriadou and Fotini Chamidieli

Exhibition Opening : January 14 –February 14 2015

   Central Public Library of Veria opening hours :
Monday to Wednesday 08.00-20.00
Thursday to Saturday 08.00-15.00

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