Future plans

Future Plans

The Library following its recent updated mission and vision organizes the comming years its work in three areas: Serving the unserved, Building partnerships and Creating experiences.

Serving the unserved:

The Library plans to extend its services to the remaining unserved villages. It will also pay particular attention to immigrants by providing specific services tailored to their needs. The latter will be supported the next two years enormously by the implementation of the newly approved international program UNTOLD which will deal with the creation of digital stories by immigrants.

Building partnership:

The Library has developed links with two major public agencies, the prefecture of the county and the committee of local authorities in the region. This partnership has already proved to be the most effective and efficient in terms of economies of scale and resource sharing idea. The main objective of the partnership is the development of a network of library and information services in the region. This network will be the first to be established at national level.

Creating experiences:

Creating experience idea will gradually lead to transform our premises into a new creative dynamic learning environment. Next year the children’s area will be revamped and transformed into a place of experience, as we have already received a grand by a private non profit foundation after a detailed proposal we submitted earlier this year.

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