Timeline (2007-2012)

The Library organises every month creativity workshops and activities for kids and adults.  Stavros Niarhos Foundation is funding the whole program.  The program includes a series of activities, events, mobile visits and promotes reading, creativity and innovation.

2012 fact sheet:
  • 330 workshops on creativity and readingand guided tours
  • 200 events for adults such as book presentations, seminars, lectures etc

  • 10.000 adults attendees
  • 8000 children attended the events
  • 5 national and international seminars for Librarians

  • 200 Librarians attendees in 2012

  • 100.000 users of the internet department per year

    (homework, social media, email check, laws, applications, job finder, cv writing etc)

  • 112 one-hour IT lessons for adults and elderly people per year
  • 52.898 hits on our website
  • 4.100 likes on our facebook page

  • 56.622 total loans during summer
  • 2.186 photos on flickr


 2011 fact sheet:
  • 283  workshops  on creativity and reading and guided tours
  • 5.715 children attended the events
  • 54.558 total loans during summer
  • 2227 photos on flickr
2010 fact sheet: Annual Report 2010
  • 185 workshops  on creativity and reading and guided tours
  • 2.600 children attended the events
  • 50.254 total loans during summer
  • 3.749 photos on flickr


Summer Reading Program, 2009 fact sheet: Annual Report 2009
  • 60 seminars on creativity and reading
  • 3.000 children attended the events
  • 36.600 total loans during summer
  • 1.248 fotos on flickr

This year due to a reorganization of mobile library services, the campaign was implemented only in the city of Veria. The program was completed with the “Creative Library”. The event was organized on 9th of September 2009. Be creative is the motto for all the events during that day. The library participated in the celebration of 2009 as European Year for Creativity and Innovation (https://create2009.europa.eu) .


See the “Creative Library” photo collection on Flickr

Summer Reading Program, 2008 fact sheet: Annual Report 2008
  • 9 Mobile stops
  • 30 Itineraries
  • 4.500 loans on mobiles
  • 42 seminars on creativity and reading
  • 3.000 children attended the events
  • 45.000 total loans during summer
  • 1.594 fotos on flickr

This year the program completed with the “Night of the Library”. The event was organized on the 27 August, 2008 and included various activities for children and adults throughout the day. The library remained open until midnight with a concert from a group of young musicians taking place at the entrance of our central building. See the photo collection about the “Night of the Library” on flickr.


(see the photo collection on flickr)

Summer Reading Program, 2007 fact sheet: Annual Report 2007
  • 9 Mobile stops
  • 31 Itineraries
  • 4.200 loans on mobiles
  • 30 seminars on creativity and reading
  • 2.000 children attended the events
  • 41.234 total loans during summer
  • 160 fotos on flickr

See the photo collection of the 2007 Summer Reading Program on Flickr

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