Renovated 1st floor

Where else? At the Central Public Library, 8 Ellis St., Veria.

The renovated first floor and mezzanine of the Library open this Friday, 19 September 2014.

The new facilities are specially designed to offer access to lots of sources of information (printed or electronic), as well as new services that aim to promote creativity and new ideas.

A new hot spot, a big aquarium, has been constructed and is expected to draw the attention of the young and the old, while comfortable seats are there for you to study and relax.

The new facilities include:

  • Creative workshops with the 3-D printer, robotics seminars and lots of other activities promoting innovation and creativity
  • The Media Lab, a fully equipped music studio where you can rehearse or record music as well as edit videos and images
  • A big collection of books, magazines, DVDs etc.
  • The Brain Pulse Room which can host formal or informal meetings of small groups wishing to work or relax
  • Study Room
  • Computers with free and fast access to the Internet
  • At the Mezzanine of the Library, the newspaper and magazine department as well as the Local History Collection

The renovation was funded by theAccess To Learning Award by the “Bill and Melinda Gates” foundation which our Library received in August 2010 in Goteborg, Sweden. This year our book collection has been enriched with new editions courtesy of KIKPE (Welfare Foundation for Social and Cultural Affairs).

We would like to take the opportunity and thank our members, the citizens of Veria, who have been supporting us throughout the years. We will be very happy to show you around and listen to your views and work together in order to improve our lives.

And this is not all! The renovation of the 2nd floor is expected in 2015 with lots of new surprises.



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