Our goal

The Central Public Library of Veria provides services for education, information and entertainment which contribute to the improvement of quality of living. We develop a network of traditional and web services, which help the citizens, participate more effectively in the knowledge Society.

“A smart library an open approach” is the motto that we have been using throughout our journey that started 15 years ago with the aim to perceive a new role for public libraries to serve their local communities and to find the means to implement it.

The vision for 2010

A library as a place to meet and exchange ideas for the citizen – a center promoting creativity and innovation.

The library at a glance

Veria Central Public Library is a public body under the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs. The Library is managed by the Director and a committee which is consisted of five people and is appointed every three years by the Minister of Education.

As a dynamic learning organization we support learners’ needs, providing them with choices and flexibility, helping people to continue and return to learning. We also assist adults to become familiar with IT and understand the new era.

In 2002 the Library made a strategic shift to focus on childhood. Since then it puts emphasis and invest resources on promoting reading, creativity and digital literacy among children.

The library has 24.000 registered members and lends more than 200.000 items per year. The library offers its services through the main building, a branch and two mobile libraries. Our collection includes more than 100.000 items accessible through the web (Greek version of our website). A variety of material in other formats other than books (VHS, DVD, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, CDs) are gradually included in our collection.

More specifically the Library provides:

  • A friendly and lively cultural and learning environment

  • Technology that helps people improve their skills

  • Access to physical and digital collections that reflect the needs of the community

  • Programs, services and activities which promote creativity and foster “community” feeling

  • Well trained and friendly staff always able to support effectively the needs of the citizens

  • A network of community institutions, public local agencies and other cultural organizations across the country to make better use of available resources.

Veria Public Library, through its innovative use of technology, expects to be a role model of technological driven creativity and innovation for public libraries in Southern Europe and beyond.

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