Inventor for 4 days – educational activities for children of 12 to 15 years old

The Central Public Library of Veria, within the frame of the Veria Tech Lab’s activities, organizes an educational activity for children of 12 to 15 years old with the title “Inventor for 4 days”. Motors, temperature sensors, RGB leds, potentiometers, piezoelectric elements, digital compasses, micro-computers and radio-communications. We become inventors for 4 days by creating various physical computing creative applications. We learn how to program the micro-computers, we experiment and try our craziest ideas. From interactive games and micro-robots to applications of augmented reality and navigation aid for blind people, the limit to inventions is our imagination. Will you make it to create and program the most interesting invention?

The educational activity “Inventor for 4 days” was designed and implemented by the company Robotixlab ( and the mechanical engineer A.Kanouras with the support of the American Embassy.

Timetable of the activities:

  • Monday 22/04/2019: 09:00’-14.00’
  • Tuesday 23/04/2019: 09:00’-14:00’
  • Wednesday 22/04/2019: 09:00’-14.00’
  • Thursday 23/04/2019: 09:00’-14:00’

The participants will have to participate the whole 4 days.

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