The life-long learning center ‘Easy Education’ supports Veria Central Public Library

The Central Public Library of Veria would like to thank the Life-long learning center ‘Easy Education’ for its sponsorship for 2019, supporting the work of the Library in various aspects, mostly by covering functional financial needs.

The Central Public Library of Veria is a public corporation, funded and supervised by the Ministry of Education. It has more than 36.000 members and holds a rich collection of more than 150.000 items. The funding which came from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation helped the Library upgrade its services to the public and allowed to create new ones, such as the recording studio, the multipurpose room, and the local history department. Besides all that, the library has always relied on the generous sponsorships of individuals, private and public companies as well as various institutes and organizations.

The life-long learning center ‘Easy Education’ since its opening, in 2008, has provided more than 50 educational programs and training services to more than 8000 people of Imathia prefecture and to 4000 more from all over Greece through e-learning methods. This year it celebrates 10 years of successful course in the area of education.

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